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"There are risks and costs to a program of action.

But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

President John F. Kennedy

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Barbara Brooks, SJRA

P.O. Box 71

Olivehurst, CA  95961

Phone 530-329-8566   9am - 5pm

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Spoon Jackson Project

The friends of “Spoon” Jackson have asked SJRA to assist them in obtaining funds for his Legal Defense.  Spoon is being represented by an attorney and all funds received under this project will be used to help mitigate these costs.

Donations to Spoon Jackson Project

are NOT Tax Deductible.

Spoon is also a contributor to the “SJRA Advocate” and his BIO can

be found by going to our “Writers List” on the Menu Bar.


See Spoon’s blog

What we Support for Safer California Communities:

¨ Sensible Sentencing that is not abusive to either the Victim or the Accused

¨ Real Rehabilitation and Education Opportunities throughout the whole of CDCR

¨ Re-Entry and Assimilation Programs Available for Parolees and for Those Not on Parole

¨ Stop Mandatory Minimums and their abuses

¨ Open Dialogue regarding California’s sentencing structures.

¨ Support Federal Investigation of Secure Housing Unit (SHU) policies and abuses.